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Thank you, you guys i was worried it was not enough sugar, and I will use the cornstartch for sure, I just had the bday cake due today fall apart on me, but was able to get it back together just intime so I think I will take that deep breath and cup of coffee now. :)
thank will look right now
1/2 cup butter,1 cup crisco, 2tbl spoons milk, clear buter flavor, and about 4  to 5 cups of surgar, and 2 tlb spoon margerine power.
I really need some help my buttercream is not crusting, not for sure if it is due to the humitdity here in tx right now. can any one please help. have a wedding cake for a friend due on sunday and the last two cakes in the last two days have not crusted at all   please help
Thank you very much for your advice :)
hello everyone, I want to start out that i do this for a hobbie, and i am making my friends wedding cake, I am making roses for the first time. they look relly good, but i think they are two heavy, it will be a four tier cake, with the roses going all the way down the cake, can any one tell me how to make the roses not be so heavy??? Thank you for any help you pass my way Stacey
thank you so much, and goodle is my best friend for sure. I have just started cakes for a hobby and like it and seem to be pretty good. but have only done about 5 cakes. thank thank thank you for all your help
Thank you for the infor and i will sure look into getting dvds. and thank for the corrections on the spelling. I already look stupid asking this quesiton dont need any more.  :)
so please dont laugh but I have not used any.... im very new and just do this as a hobby for friends and family. What should I use.
Hello. I am having a problem with my bottom tears of my cakes saging after no time at all.  I thought it was because my bottome tear was not tall enough "thick" But yesterday I made a cake and it happe again and it was just a two tear. Can anyone help
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