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I must need more caffeine today!  Thanks ladies for seeing what I couldn't.  I went back and forth between the two for a good 5 minutes LOL!  The seahorse I'm seeing on the side of the "center" tier must have been a smear of the icing holding the figure to the side. 
Those aren't the same cakes...the ruined cake is 3 tiers and has seahorses on it, while the original is 2 tiers with no seahorses.  I'm so confused.
Granted, I've never worked with fondant a second in my life.  Or gumpaste.  But, I've built plenty of things from other materials :)  I think I would do something similar to what Melanie above suggests, but I would use a styrofoam core for security.  I'd cut the cylinder a few inches longer than the length I wanted the can to be, then make a cut to where one piece was enough shorter than the finished can will be to provide room for the rainbow ribbon pool.  Then I'd...
K8memphis... trust me, I've got plenty of age behind me ;)  I'm just really new to the world (and science) of cake baking. I've been a yeasty girl for can seriously throw whatever at yeast and it'll stick.  Cakes, well, that method doesn't work out so well I'm finding!  I'm glad to see that the addition of flour helped the other poster.  That lets me know my mind is on the right track. 
I'm probably waaaay to new to cake baking to try to start changing up recipes, but I've got a request from a friend to make a peach cupcakes.  I've got a go-to yellow cake recipe that I'd like to simply add peach puree and/or homemade peach freezer jam to.    The recipe is my adaptation of King Arthur Flour's Classic Yellow Cake 1 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature 2 tablespoons canola oil 2 large eggs 1 tablespoon...
Aurora, look for photo handling gloves.  They are typically a very thin cotton with some spandex-ish type material for stretch and shape.  They are also made to be virtually lint free.  I'd cut the fingers off of them as to not lose the finger sensitivity.  Those, with some cornstarch in the palms, layered under nitrile gloves (please, no latex when handling food) should keep you from having to wash every 30 seconds. 
What about something along these lines?  Forgive my pathetic little paint drawing, and made up names LOL!  You could add a woodgrain/wood plank type texturing or coloring to the main part of the floor.  The |-o things at each end are supposed to be the baskets.  And, somehow my center basketball looks more like a tennis ball...but you get the idea anyway! :)
Get friendly with the produce clerk at your preferred store.  I "do" produce as my job.  Ask them if they have a newer shipment in the back and explain super sweet and they'll likely go back and pull you a box that just came in.  Don't forget to follow up and show them pictures later!  Also, don't wash the berries until right before you're going to work with them.  The water can hasten spoiling.   
  Stores don't get to pocket sales tax.**  This likely had to do with how the registers were programed and possibly state SNAP laws.  If the store had a hot deli and a station with utensils available, then those baked goods could have been seen by tax officials as "for in store consumption."  By attaching the utensils to the packages, they may have been avoiding customer confusion in tax rates.  A single incident could have set that precedent.  Also, those little add-ons...
If you have an Aldi store near you, try their mixes.  I've been lurky-loo here for a bit and had read about the mix problems.  I saw their mixes and out of curiosity checked the weight.  The white was 18.xx ounces.  I've used their mixes just as is in the past and they were always good...the same as name brand to my tastes.  Of course, I've been on a personal challenge/quest of finding "perfect" scratch recipes and didn't pick any up to try LOL!  I should have!  
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