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Great thank you both : D Very helpful
Hi , thanks for the info! Just a quick question do u fill the molds with the sugar mixture all the way to the top ? Or are the sugar bottles hallow?
Ok so here's the thing I am so busy all day today running earns but I need to bake a cake but I will be out for maybe 1 1/2 hours on one earan, now my question is can I bake a cake at a very low tempature and bake for a longer time so That while im gone it can be baking and save me that time ? If so what's the tempature I can bake a cake so that it will bake in about 1 1/2 hours ? I usually bake my cakes at 325F -350F . Can it be done ? Or is it a bad outcome? Pls help
How many servings is in a Half sheet cake? And on average how much do ppl charge? I've never done sheet cakes and I don't know who much to charge and what they serve
Ohh ok yea that makes Sence! Thank u this actually as ver helpful
I see ppl giveing a discount price for their holiday Special Cupcakes so I was wondering how Much I should offer off,since it's the holidays and all. Any comments would help me a lot thank u How much do you sell cupcakes per dozen and how much for a Limited time holiday sale would u offer?
This is a great tip! Thanks for sharing with us! I will be trying this for sure! I hate when I have to refill the piping bags and gets a bit messy ugh lol thanks again!
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