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ok then how about Bite Me Bakery?
Well, I don't think you asked for only pros to comment...This is easy for anyone....
I always use a large flower nail in my 10 inch...If you don't have a large one you can use a couple of the small ones. A lot of things can play a roll in how evenly your cake will bake including how dirty your oven is. I know it sounds nuts, but a dirty oven can cause hot spots inside your oven causing the heat to not be evenly distributed.
I say coconut or rum! Or both!
Bite Me Cakes? LOL
Are you like the last person to take emphasizing as screaming? LOL shouldn't be "flipped" should be sandwiched and turned....It sounds to me though it was under cooked in the center if it sunk. Have you tried using a flower nail inverted in the center of your cake pan before adding your batter? It works as a heating core making your cake cook more evenly plus it makes your cakes come out nice and hump!
You do not have to start of with cocoa powder...I mean what if your client doesn't want chocolate? Best advice I have is to stop adding black when it turns dark purple. Form it into a disc, lightly cover with crisco, wrap in saran wrap, then put into a zip lock bag, and let it sit on the counter at least 12 hours before adding more black. Fondant will darken on it's own....the thing is you gotta leave it alone :)
I don't know why you couldn't just hold the image on the fondant and trace the image with a tool that will leave a slight imprint on the fondant to follow.
Exactly! She may not have wanted to say to her face she wasn't happy...afraid of confrontation...Not only that, when you've ordered a cake for an event and you're not happy with it, you're kind of screwed! There's not really enough time to get another unless you drop by the grocery store....YUCK!
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