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Yes you use crisco in place of the buttercream
I HATE using dummies, but I do it anyway! Like you, it cost too much to practice on a real cake, and frankly my whole family is sick of cake! LMAO!!! First off, you have to have something on the dummy the fondant can stick to...such as buttercream. make the buttercream as the same color as your fondant, that way when you take off the fondant right after you take your pictures you can just knead it back into your fondant....You can also use crisco to cover the dummy and...
Probably not a good idea to take on a wedding cake like this when you are not at all familiar with the technique and are just now starting to practice... I would have attempted this technique before agreeing to take the order.   I suggest getting some lace doilies laminated, and trace your royal icing over the pattern. Good luck.
I have bought almost all of my cutters from ebay and all of them came from Hong Kong. I've never had a problem (other than waiting for delivery because it's coming from Hong Kong) I guess I don't understand the apprehension....
LMAO!!!!!! OOPS!!!
This cake was banana rum....and it held up beautifully under the heavy weight of the fondant! I used Duncan Hines yellow cake mix...added a half box of banana instant pudding, and then two very ripe smashed bananas..Replaced 1/3 water with rum and It was delicious!  
Dry it flat first then put it on your stick then using gumpaste glue or royal icing stick it to the stick...just prop something under it until it's dry
Some of you people need to seriously chill out!!! It's no wonder some folks are afraid to ask a question!!! If you don't have an answer, or cannot point them to the proper information then DON'T COMMENT!!! SIMPLE!!!
I found this... Maybe there's some help for you in this thread
Does anyone know how long i have to wait until I can remove them from the veining sheet?
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