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In the future when making a belly cake in a large bowl, as I have done many times, it is best to put a heating core in the bottom on the bowel, such as a large flower nail. This will insure your cake is always baked evenly. Hope your cake turned out nice :)
Here's my Friday night cake! Made this for my husbands birthday. He's a huge Steelers fan, so I had to make him something he'd love, and he did! :) The bottom tier is supposed to resemble steel and rivets.    
Yes, I agree with Smckinny....Just make sure you roll out your fondant to at least 1/8th of an inch....dust your bowl with cornstarch and let it dry and entire week before decorating or using it.   A cake that size, without a lot of detail should be at least $3.00 a slice. That's $600.00
Beautiful cakes!!! And I love the Thomas cookies!!!!!!! I can't imagine the time you put into those!!! Here's my Friday (day) cake. She picked it up last night and even took a video of his reaction when he saw it! Video     Cake
Beautiful cake cakemommy!!!
Thank you Brettley and auntginn!!! It's not what I envisioned but my butter cream wouldn't cooperate so texture, texture, texture! LMAO!!!
THAT is phenomenal!!!! Love it!!!
Hi all! Here's my friday night project. Nothing real special about it except for the Broncos logo! Made it out of fondant and hand painted it.      
Giinn that's amazing!!!!! Very talented!!!
Thanks you two!!! Auntgnn your link is not working :(
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