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I've tried placing a fondant covered cake in the fridge once and it ended up having water spots after it came back to room temp. I've since haven't done it again and been fine. But is it possible to have it in a fridge for a day and maybe have it in a plastic cake cover box or plastic wrap on it to prevent the condensation from happening again?
Ok, so I tried it and it worked!! Yeah!!!!! Thank you so much.
Thanks so much! Can't wait to try it out tomorrow.
Im looking for a sugar gem recipe using granulate sugar as I live in a country that doesn't carry good isomalt. If using granulated sugar, what recipe( steps should I follow)?
Thank so much. I'm an Expat living in India so when I do travel back to the Us I order online so I get what I need.
Does the glycerine make it more pliable?
What is the best site you've found for either wholesale or low priced cake decorating tools,cutter,colors, ect?
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