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they are 12 10 8 and 6...
i have a four tier set of tospy turvy cake pans and i've misplaced the directions that came with them..can anyone tell me how much better for each cake pan and what temp you cook them at..   thanks
i have a four set round topsy turvy cake pan set and i cant find the instructions that came with them..does anyone have the following info how much cake batter for each tier and what temp you cook each cake pan at..thanks for the help!!
i'm very happy how this came out.. i was totally stressed making it ..but i did it!!!!! 
those qre the pans i boought...i bought the four tier set but i'm only making the 10 8 and 6 inch..did you still carve the cake or did you just sit the tiers on top of each other? i'm using fondant so i will definately did a great job on the only question is what type of cake did you make for the bottom doing research it seems the bottom tier needs to be a heavy cake..did u use box cake or make it from scratch. i'm not sure what type of cake...
how did your cake come out? i just purchased the round topsy turvy pans and plan on using them in a few weeks..what kind of cake did you use for your bottom tier? i know you have to dowel the tiers but did you also use a seperator between tiers> i am planning to use fondant..i'm a bit nervous about this ..
this is my first posting on here and i'm so glad to be here..i'm making my first topsy turvy cake in two weeks..i cheated and bought the topsy turvy pans lol..i'mi making three tiers, fondant covered..10 8 and 6 doing some research it appears the bottom tier should be like a pound cake ?? or a dense cake of some sort..i know i need to insert i still need to use a seperator inbetween tiers as well> any suggestions on the type of cake best used..i'm...
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