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I am very visual too. I see a picture of a cake and I know I can make it. But, I usually change something in the design, perhaps the colour or the border design or the type of flowers. I someone would copy an original design from me, I would be flattered too that someone else actually wants the same ideas. I got over that "feeling bad for copying" feeling because we share our ideas, otherwise we wouldn't be here on Cake Central sharing and showing.
Came across your idea of packaging - love it!  
I also go to Jessicakes blog, she is really good with that.  
Hi, I usually bake my cakes, let them cool down on the counter at least overnight and work with them from there on. I haven't had issues doing this before crumb coating but I will try your idea on cutting them in shape, wrap them and freeze them. Here is South Africa the weather is hot this time of year. After crumb coating I normally put them in the freezer just to let the butter cream icing to set before I use the fondand. Thanks for that 'tip', I will try it out and...
Hi, I'm new at Cake Central. This was my favorite cakes to make for 2012!   This Mini Mouse cake was my first three tier cake that I made and I enjoyed making this cake.     The Trumpet Tower Bug house cake was also fun to make.     This corset cake was my third cake I made since I started and I have realy enjoyed making this one too.     This Lightning McQueen cake was for my son, Ruvan. He had turned 3 in 2012.     This Castle...
Wow, I love this cake of yours. Like you said, simple but it is so elegant.  
Miss Dawn. Me too, will have to try this technique of yours. I also struggle to get the right look with the luster dust. Thanks for the tip.  
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