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I made a fondant Giraffe w/ a some tylose mixed in! It was finished at 4pm last evening! Is there a faster way to dry fondant characters?? Should I stick it in the fridge?
I have to make cupcake toppers for a nursing theme! Does anyone know of any tutorials or any ideas you can give me? Appreciate your help!!
Can anyone recommend a brand that carries a Turqoise color to color fondant and/or any advice on combining colors to achieve a Turqoise color similar to the Tiffany's Turqoise? THANK YOU!!
When I first started out working w/ fondant I also used Wilton, but never again for covering a cake! I had the same problems w/ Wilton fondant! Did some research and decided to try Satin Ice, and it's great! That's all I use now to cover my cakes!
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