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@ KathysCC OOOoooo! I will look into that. Like it! TY!
Sorry, Venting a lil. I would not like to see someone elses name tagged to a pic of one of MY cakes. I load pics of the cakes I make onto FaceBook for folks to see and inquire about. That said, I am getting alot of people who post pictures of "cool" Neet" gorgeous" cakes made by other artists on my FB page and TAGGING it with my name. So how to politely discourage this trend?? It really miffs me, but not wanting to come off mean or  "-itchy".  I do realize people are...
Had a couple ladies tag team me with FB messages the other day. A lady friend of theirs posted a pic of the cake I made for her, a two tier, sort of plain just fondant dots and some stars coming out the top, and she asked for the smash cake to be placed on top "for looks" so I obliged. No biggie right?   OMGosh! She must have announced to all of her friends that I sell three tier cakes for (the two tier price)  So this mom and her daughter simultaneously messaged me...
Wow! You'd hate to have to resort to having someone sign for the cake, but It might be a good idea. I've had crazies try to pull fast ones on me too. Stick to your guns. The customer is NOT always right.
It's all about your situation. I went to school to learn to make gumpaste flowers specifically. Spent alot of money flying around to classes. But I am so busy now, that I often have to buy them! If you are anything like me, you don't have employees, but do run a household along with orders coming out your ears. There is nothing wrong with purchasing gumpaste flowers. Famous cake bakers use them. Ruth Rickey for one admits that she just gets too busy to make them and...
Was wondering if an equal part of DaVinci syrup can be substituted for the water in a cake mix to really punch up the flavor? There are so many flavors of that product the possibilities seem endless, I realize however that it's a syrup, not water. Thanks!
Nothing is ever foolproof. I guess my thoughts are unless you have a bunch of cutthroats working for you, chances are this is one very good way to safeguard. Not the only way, right? It isn't my idea, it was Archway's and they knew what they were doing for 60+ years. Multi multi million dollar company. That's what they did. Just sharing.
WOW! great job! If you hadn't said you're new to cake decorating I never would have guessed! Looks like you've been at it forever!
Thanks Newbaker55  Well crap! and I've been making up for the difference in the amounts of mix per box. Today I did a DH French Vanilla 18.25. It got the shell on top. Then I mixed up a Pillsbury Funfetti and NO shell but a shrinky-dink effect. I hope this isn't going to be the norm now! It just seems like the cake never gets truely done so it's a lil "gummy" under that hard shell. So I'm trimming more than before too. It's a pain. Any cakers got Solutions out there???
Have been following the WASC recipe from CC and loving the results. Now suddenly in the last two weeks, Alot of my cakes are coming out of the oven with a hard shell on the top. Like the entire top of the cake is a baked bubble. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? How to stop this?
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