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Hahahha! Love it! (pinterest hedgehog)
I can totally relate!! I've had customers just like that!   A bride recently who was "SO excited!!!" about everything about her wedding especially the cake! I made it to her specifics, delivered what I thought was a perfect cake. Exactly what she asked for. After the wedding I got a FB text " Oh the cake was wonderful everyone loved it Thanks so much!    ...except you didn't put raspberry filling in it" I was so disappointed!" (Heart sinks!) I sprinted (5'4" 220) to...
I personally feel your time alone is worth more than minimum wage. Don't short yourself.
Thanks for the reply sorry it took me a while to get back! Finally finished up the busy season, or as I like to call it "Cake-Pocalypse!" These look Nice! Checkin it out!
Hey Everyone! The Events board is under construction so I'm posting this here. I like to take classes when things get down to a dull roar in the fall and winter.   Wendy Kromer (Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes) Gives classes several times per year at her shop in Sandusky OH. She is conducting a Lambeth class scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday Oct 23-24.   There are a few spots left for this class! The cost is $350. Wendy is awesome, and a Master at her craft. It...
Looking to find great packaging. Have been scanning the internet every chance I get, and have checked out Uline and Packaging Corp of America etc. Nice products but looking for more individualized design options without having to order a truckload. Anyone have any good leads or has anyone worked with companies out of the US? If so any successes? Thanks ahead of time!
Me too. I like it a lot. However, customer preference is the important thing so I may be changing things up slightly just to completely avoid this type of incident again.
Thank you AZ
 I like the additional layer of butter flavor but could have added in a little bit too much? Funny you should mention Preference. I had a long conversation with her about it more than likely being her preference that makes it taste/smell "off" and she agreed that it could be that she's used to and loves Wal Mart's cakes. I did not notice any smell before hand, so it never entered my mind that what I interpret as buttery could come off as gross.  But I take any negatives...
Gingerlocks, Yes! thanks so much!
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