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bout 50.00 all togetherreally??
everything cost bout 50.00 all together..
just curious what all of you would charge for this cake? just a plain white cake with strawberry buttercream filling/frosting with fondant and fondant accents..its an 8" 2 layer cake i am still verry new to this ...
could you use strawberry jam instead of fresh?? im making a cKe that will sit out for bout 24 hrs.. it will be covered in fondant so it needs to be strong and i am wordied about using fresh strawberries.. i was going to do. a white chocolate strawberry ganache but it calls for fresh strawberries, and after reading it says white chocolate needs to be refrigerated:( so now im in a rut! i e read about adding jam to buttercream but somewhere it said to uses a thick dam but...
made some chocolate mmf and i the texture good-- when kneading it tears an cracks a but but then when u knead for a little bit it gets super sticky ... what can i do?
thats what i did as well-- print out the logo and traced it on a manilla folder and cut it out then cut the fondant carefully by hand
so i made some mmf last night.. the recipe called for 4 cups if pwder sugar.. i kept kneading but it was sooo sticky and kept adding pwder sugar until it finally wasnt as sticky wrapped in plastic wrap waiting to check it when i get hime tonight-- i probably used about a 1.5 of the sugar instead of 2 lbs other recipes called for.. hope it works outdid i do it right?!? lol i didnt make mff i just made regular chocolate mmf
i wanted to do the shoe cake too but didnt i did the logo by tracing it with a cardboard/manilla filder cut out.. this is my second fondant cake but my first fondant cake was alot better-- the red was super soft but all n all the cake looked decent and he loved it soo thats all that matters
ok so i was gonna try and make marshmallow fondant for a cake and saw everyone giving this great reviews- i dont have a KA ( maybe santa will bring me one) can i do this recipe by hand?
ive read that neon pink and black makes burgundy-- can i use gels in the chocolate fondant to make it burgundy??
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