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thanks! glad you think its funny, thats the point! my hubby said they look like cows teeth bahahah goofball!they are two pieces, i just placed them ontop each other to get an idea of what itll look like when done. im dryingthem upside down now.. im just afraid it wont be dry in time..i used tons of cornstarch/powder while making it- the fondant was super sticky. but i didnt mix any in it or any gumpaste ( ran out ) i think i shouldve have at least done that to help dry it...
oops forgot the pic lol
ok soo this is what i did tonight, i think the top is to heavy the center is sinking but maybe when it dries itll be better... i didnt do the marizpon just tried what i had at home.. how long will it take to dry?? couple days? if its not dry is there a way to make it dry faster?
thanks for the help!! will have to post some pics when i finish..
thanks guys im going to try that and see how it works.. one more thing hiw do i make it shiny?
Hi guys,   I am making a cake for my mother inlaws 65th birthday and we wanted to tease her with a cake that had some dentures on it and other things..   Just curious about Marizpan .. would that be something easy to make the teeth out of or just use fondant/gumpaste?   has anyone made these before? Maybe could lend me some advice please...   thanks in advance!
thank you for your kind response and information. much appreciated!!
well i didn't make my own fondant- tried that in the past didn't work out so well-- so i just grabbed some pre made fondant, that was the most expensive ingredient. the 4 hours includes clean up, prepping etc like you asked and the stars took the longest time as i used a mold and it only had 3 stars on it & each star was dusted in edible glitter-- not to mention the photo wasn't of a complete cake i also made a banner with more stars in the i said im barely...
tthanks soo much.. i didnt think a little 8" cake would cost that i said im just starting..
i though about doing 4 layers but for some reason the last time i did that it fell apart on me 25 servings? what size slices? im only asking cuz i am new to all this - i didnt think you could get 25 slices at most i thought 20 .. and whats a splash?i think you undercharged im my opinion.. thats a lot of work-- my cake took me a decent amount of time i could imagine that does not include labor.. it took me about 4 hrs total..
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