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hmm.. alright.. thanks again for all your help
i see just brush it on all over. gotcha.what about banana pudding for filling using fresh bananas? how do u keep the bananas from browning? thats a cake ud have to make the same day right.
thanks. i figured i should too .. makes me nervious tho to cut the edges off a round cake.. lol i may make it oval bahahhanever tried the simple syrup before, does that make it soggy?
yes before i ice it.. the edges where the pan sits. its not bAd but appearance wise idk if its just me or not. its not horribly dry just obviously dryer then the rest..
heres a quick question tho, should i cut the edges off the cake?? you know where its a little dry? or should i leave it??
thanks , i kept practicing on a cookie sheet cuz i dont like my writing and i know writing can really ruin a cake..she loved it!!
thanks soooo super much! those are all grrreat tips.. i was in a pinch soo i just iced it on with bc.. unfortunately the fondant was too thin and sticky it kinda ripped on the side.. but it is what is and i dont have time to hide it thanks soooooo much for your help!
ill try the bc maybe throw it in the freezer ?? i have some writers but they seem dry?? but they are new soo idk if they are just like that or i have a bad batch but i have to press hard to get them to write.. what about dusting it?? but then id have to cover the other letters so they get on the cake... what about royal icing? im not very good with it or chocolate idk
i was thinking about stenciling the writing on the cake -- but i dont have the words happy birthday straight on a stencil... guess i could print it out and trace with chocolate?? any suggestions?
i can control the heat on the dryer..but afraid of ruining actually dried well over night but center is still a little soft. maybe i could use some tooth picks under it to prop up?
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