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i am confused. thick buttercream falls off cakes and pulls away from cake?? and thin icing stays??thanks for the links.. i will have to try them outi think my biggest problem is the round cakes.. and thats all ive been doing lately lol
i do use the viva paper towel method to smooth but like i said i cant get even amount all around the cake so when i do smooth it it shows theres more in that spot if that makes sense-- u can see it on the top of the pink cake ..thanks for your kind thoughts! made me feel a little better. i guess its me being a perfectionist??
when you say thinner u mean add more water/milk to make it thinner? i did thin it pretty good i thought- if it got thinner i think it wouldnt stick to the cake?!?or do u mean thinner applying to the cake?i did a crumb coat then iced it with the tip and smoothed it but could still see the edges where the cake is and the filling .. idk what im doing wrong
soo i absolutely hate smoothing buttercream! it never smoothes evenly for me and i ALWAYS get it too thin! and when i add more to thicken it up it pulls off. what am i doing wrong? ive been using the wilton buttercream recipe.. ive tried using a spatula to put it on and the icing tip. i have better results with the tip but still have issues. ive smooted with a spatula and now have a scrapper by wilton but i dont like it because of the dumb handle in the middle.. when i...
i tried folding in the pudding to the buttercream but its too thin to use as a filling.. i tries it on the smaller teir top layer and my center sunk in !!' aaahh so i scrap it and did the pudding but i dont think the top layer is gonna be sturdy-- should i insert a dowel or two?? the middle layer is falling apart ...itll be covered in buttercream so it wont be smashed by fondant..
shoot! i made the pudding just like the box says!! darn i have to go to the store and get more boxes. my box calls for 3 cups of milk..i made the basic wilton vanilla buttercream. can i fold it in there?i dont have rum but that sounds delish! can i sub the rum maybe?i planned on using dowels in the bottom layer but when i read that i starte freaking because she wants fresh banana slices on the pudding...
not selling it, i am making for a birthday party for my neice and the cake will be in the fridge
i was also thinking fresh bananas with the pudding but just read online somethjng about water and the bananas becoming slippery and layers falling!?! shoukd i not put them in yhis cake? i was thinking 2 tier 8" & 10" should i just stick to pudding n thats all
soo i was thinking of making a banana pudding mousse/cream. i was thinking this as i made the banana pudding.. can i just fold in the banana pudding into the buttercream?? or do i have to use whipping cream instead of the milk? my thought was a 3 layer white cake with banana pudding filling on the two outside layers with this creamish/mousse filling in the center layer.. or am i crazzy? i already made the pudding but i have another box of banana cream pudding if i have...
hmm.. alright.. thanks again for all your help
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