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I tried wilton black and it always turned purple for me i will check out your album!
Thanks for the reply. I had looked there prior but everyone did something different and when i tried the suggested i still got something with a blue tint or green tint.. So i tried all of the suggested.. Lol I used americolor black, sky blue, white to start. I used more blue n black the. Anything and added the white.. Mixed til i got a greyish/black tint and then added a dab of wilton yellow. Mixed completely and viloa i got dark grey .... Of course i did a little of...
I am making a cake coming up and had a horrible time creating a light grey fondant. I have tried several ways and it comes out purple everytime! This past weekend i used a 1/4 package of wilton fondant (the smaller package) and a pinch of black fondant..maybe a dime sized and it came out a very light grey at first but then turned to a light shade of purple/violet color.    Whats the best way to achieve grey? Ive read everywhere about americolor black with satin ice...
hi guys! i have a friend who wants to do something similar to this cake. im not sure which pans to use as i dont want the cake to look squatty.. she needs the cake to feed roughly 150 people.. also i was curious about transporting it. she will be transporting about 2 hours away and i dont know if she should travel that far with it or if i should just use plain dowels or something else??
no one knows??
can u put any filling in tier cakes? like whipped cream or custard or even pudding? should it be something more sturdy if the cake is covered in fondant? what other options for frosting under the fondant besides buttercream and ganache?? thinking 3 or 4 tiers....
also.. a silly question. i have a light yellow pre made fondant-- could i add some more yellow to that to make it a darker shade of yellow or should i just start over??   --- if you cover the cake with fondant after i cut the wholes, just simply press the fondant in the wholes gently to prevent tearing??
or use a cookie cutter for the circles?
I am not sure if thats even what it is called.. but I was curious how one would carve circles in a cake like if you did a sponge bob cake or a cheese block.. would you use a small icecream scoop possibly? and should i refridgerate it before doing that??   I am making a green bay packer cake for my friends birthday and was thinking of either doing a cheese slice or the whole circle block.. but wasnt too sure how to do that and cover with fondant..
she does t
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