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Thank you!!!  JohnBailiey64!!!!     I do appreciate your response!!!!!!!
Hi !   I haven't decorated a cake in 3 years, and my son begged me to do one for his birthday.  He loves to grill/smoke and I wanted to do the grill cake for him.   His speciality is ribs, but my fondant ribs looked horrible.      I have seen some pictures on here of fondant ribs, that almost look real.  I can the " Bones or Ribs" looking pretty good.  But the meat?   I can't come up with the right colors.  Is there anyone out there that can help me?     I'd really...
Thank you, everyone!
I have found this recipe, and the cake sounded great.  But after reading through the entire thing, I am unsure of the liquid content.   Would some of you bakers, read through this for me and see what you think?   Thanks!!!     Carrot-Ginger Cake     Ingredients 1 3/4 cups granulated sugar, plus more for pans 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 2 teaspoons baking...
Thank you!!   I'll check out that website!
It was very light in color...  it could have been a swiss buttercream.  I'm not sure. 
I recently went to a Chinese rest.  (not sure if I can mention their name ) and was served desert.  It was a very moist Dark Chocolate Cake with Salted Carmel frosting.   The frosting was very light and it did not have a strong carmel flavor, You could hardly taste the carmel.  The carmel was drizzled on the plate, so I am wondering if that was where the carmel part came in.     Anyway, my daughter in law wanted me to try this out for her birthday cake.  Any...
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