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I have used royal icing to make stuff like that. Its a bit of a pain. I used wilton's recipe then added enough confectioners sugar until it was a firm dough. I have also experimented with adding a one teaspoon of tylose powder it makes it a little more like gumpaste but it still tastes a lot like royal icing. I have attached some pictures of stuff i have made with the royal icing.  
If you have the time you should re bake it. Im sure you dont want to deliver a cracked up cake to your friends ẃedding. I've had quite a few disasters myself, I know how frustrating it could be, dont beat youself up over it, it happens to every one.
Very interesting idea. I would love to give out some of these boxes as gifts.
I didnt know these existed. Now I'm so excited to get one. Thanks for posting.
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