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Hello bakers Does anybody knows if there is a difference between confectioners sugar in UK and in Canada or the States?  I made some frosting recipes from the UK and the consistency is very very thick.   Thanks 
Thank you very much , but I have already bought the cutters.Aren't you able to return them? Where did you buy them from?Happy belated Boxing Day to you too
thank you   how come you didn't like product id # 18562? is it the quality or is it just hard to work with them, which is what i was told
Did you mean Golda's kitchen in Mississauga ?
Thank you all again, I appreciate it. I'm checking all the links
Thank you so much for all this information. Are they called the same thing in all stores?
Hello arll,  hope you all had a good new year's eve. I am looking for those butterflies patchwork cutters. I cannot find a store where i live that carries them.  I live in Canada, Ontario. to be more specific i live in Newmarket. thx 
Hello,  I made a cake with cream cheese butter cream frosting and covered it with fondant. the cake is big, it's two tiers, so alot of it wont be eaten soon. I was thinking I can freeze one tier. will that be a good idea since there's cream cheese,?and i have never frozen a fondant cake before.   oh and Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to everyone 
thx for the advice. actually it didn't take that long to thaw, it was about just half an hour, i mixed them well, baked and decorated them. they turned out great actually and tasted very yummy 
thank you :)
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