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thank you for the tips
it's like a festival event, you know like for example a jazz festival on the street and there are people out there selling hot dogs. i'm doing the same thing. i'm renting a space and selling cupcakes on my own.  and i'm just hoping that someone here can give me some guidance. 
no certain number of people, and no certain group of people targeted, it's like out in the street. it's from 7 am til 1 pm.
Hello all, I'm going to be selling cupcakes at an event for straight 6 hours. I was hoping if anyone can help me in figuring out this: How many cupcakes should I bake? can I bake them ahead and freeze them? what is the best way to display them while selling them? "the event will take place outdoors not indoors"   If also you have any links that you can share with information related to this project I would really appreciate it. thx in advance for any advice or info.
Hi, This is going to be my first time to deliver a tall cake with a big topper. Are there big tall boxes at cake supply stores for such thing? Or do I put the topper in a separate box? I am delivering the cake a day before it's served so I won't be there the day it's served to assemble. Help plz
thank you all for the quick reply 
oh i guess that means 4' and 6' cake
I'm sorry AZCouture, but what do you mean by 4-6?
Hello everyone, I need to make a babyshower cake for 16 people. I am going to layer it and fill it. would a 8' round cake be enough? or am i better with 9' round cake? pleas i need answer as soon as possible.  thx in advance
can you please share again your cake serving sheet? i can't seem to find it in the posts. thank you in advance
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