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thank you again :)
When you say you drop by a dime , is that from each cupcake of from the dozen price?Thanks
Thank you for replying. When you're saying you drop a dime and a quarter, is that from each cupcake or from the dozen price? Excuse my ignorance
Hello everyone, I'm sure some of you come across this everyday, but it's my first time and i'm hoping to get some advice on how you calculate bulk prices for cupcakes. lets say you got a 400 cupcakes order, and you charge $30 for a dozen. how would you calculate a price for that. would you make a dozen 10 or 5 dollars less? or still charge the original price?   I appreciate any tips here :)
Hi, I need help please. Does anybody have a tutorial on how to make a camera cake? thank you
Hello fellow bakers, I was wondering what ingredients do I need to avoid in a cake or cupcake recipe? And in decorations like food coloring and fondant. All my cake are baked from scratch, I don't use cake mixes. Thank you
Thank you very much. The cake turned out very well It's my first carved cake, I was a bit nervous but I like to think that the result was very good. My client loved it!
Hello everyone , I am making a 9✖13" cross shaped cake. It's going to be two layers and filled with buttercream. Do I first carve, then layer, then fell and assemble layers? Or is there a better way to do it? Thank you for any tips
thank you for the reply :)
Hello everyone, I need to make a cross cake for a communion. it's for about 10 to 12 people. I'm thinking i'll bake a sheet cake then carve it. what size of a sheet pan should i use for this cake?   thank you :)
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