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I think I might do that soon. I still have some of the liners left. I never even thought of that as a possibility. Also, reading through the cake disaster forum I've seen a lot of posts of customers possibly just wanting free cakes or not having the same perception of "moist". I used the same vanilla recipe for 100 wedding cupcakes in the past and the chocolate for 30 wedding cupcakes and both parties were pleased with them. I've also used the recipes with various other...
I used seperate pans for each batch. Thank you though! Ill try the cookie sheets next time. I'm just confused as to why this has never happened before but did this time. All I can think of that's different was the liners
I baked them at 350. I've used the same recipes for countless other occasions, both cakes and cupcakes.
I haven't been doing cakes for very long, but today I received my first complaint and I feel absolutely horrible! The order was for a small two tiered cake and 48 cupcakes. The cakes felt fine when shaping/frosting them, but the woman texted me saying that all of the cupcakes were burned on the bottom and dry. Both recipes that I used are normally very moist, and I've never, ever burned a cake or cupcakes, even when I was in my high school culinary program just learning....
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