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Haha ten thank yiu
Okay if you search marshmallow cupcakes on google it's the third row second across when viewed on my iPhone. try that x
What are they called and where can I buy Them?
I will be tackling my first attempt of a two tier cake soon and dont know where to start! can anyone give me a step to step guide what I need to do? (maybe with pics) it'll be covered in ready rolled Fondant
When decorating my cupcakes I find that the buttercream gets warm which effects the consistancy a lot especially when I do rose petals. Is there a way around this? I've tried putting smaller amounts in the bag so it's not in my hands long enough to get warm but when I watch videos online some people use much larger piping bags with tonns of icing! Hellpppppp
Hey guys. I'm starting to experiment with making models from rolled icing rather than just using buttercream. I want to make shapes like butterfly's. I tried something similar with ready rolled fondant icing the weekend but found it wouldn't stand upright but would just flop back down. Would flower paste be my best bet? If so how easy is it to make, can I buy it ready made and is it easy to colour? Thank you x x
I have been making cupcakes for about two years but recently I have found, not all, but some of my cases are separation ever so slightly from the cake after a good few hours from being in the oven. I can't imagine it's the product as I use dr Oertker cases. Any suggestions? Thank you
I'm looking for a white white buttercream frosting recipe that still has the same great taste as your standard buttercream. Does any one have one they can suggest? I am British and don't like recipes that are measured in"cups" Thanks
Hi everyone I'm new to this site so please be gentle! I'm looking into making ballerina cupcakes but don't know the best way to do the "skirt" . what nozzle,technique would be best? thanks " For more info on me please check out and like my page!
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