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Thanks MBalaska and K8memphis, do you think they are gum paste or royal icing?
Ok thanks, I'll give it a try. 
Sorry never mind, I didn't know I needed rights to attach the image.
What do you think? Are they gumpaste, royal icing or fabric?
My recipe calls for 248. And I pour the sugar in a way where it touches the side of the bowl first. By the time it cools down enough to put the butter in, its thick and glossy. Is your end result the same as before? If so, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
What's the temperature of your sugar?
There's a website called keep on caking. It has a tutorial for a cake with a similar concept. You'll have to adjust it but it may help. Look for pleated fondant tutorial.
I'm a hobbyist and don't sell cakes so I'm speaking from a customers point of view. I personally would not think its a big deal. I also know that people struggle to make a buck and that's why I support local businesses. It would bother me to take advantage of someone and letting them do all that hard work for free. I would not have accepted the refund. Obviously the client didn't think that way, but I can't believe that I'm the only one that does. Round vs square?...
I would talk to the client and see how she reacts.  She might not think it's a big deal.  She may not even notice the difference.  Judging by the size of the cake, it won't be served at a party maybe just an anniversary dinner for two.  I just think you should get something for the time and expense invested.  If it's a big deal offer her a free cake and call it an anniversary gift.  If it's a bit  of a big deal, offer a partial refund.  If it's no big deal, charge full...
Nice job!
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