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I meant Occasionally
I've taken three Toba Garrett classes and have learned a lot. In one of my classes there was a woman who took a class at the French Culinary Institute. She said she didn't learn nearly as much as she did with Chef Garrett. If you sign up for their email, they ocasio lay send you discount coupons,
 Got it, thanks!
That's pretty cool.  Just wondering...does sifting serve another purpose besided properly measuring flour?  Is it just the same to weigh the flour so as to not have to sift?
Or if you can draw, just draw a template.
For the circle on the edge, I would use a cake board that's the size of the cake and with a sharp knife or cutting wheel cut the fondant.  Then with a cake board that is about four inches smalle, I would cut another circle within your cutout.  The rest I would look for a template that I can print out and use as a guide to cut my fondant.
I've used IMBC and French buttercream with red velvet and everyone who has tried it has loved it.
I use Paula Deens "Grandmother Paula's Red Velvet Cake" Recipe. I always get rave reviews.
Husband takes it to work, I take it to work, share with friends, relatives, neighbors. Make lots of friends. You did very well, you're on the right track! Make sure you position your tiers so the roses hide the worse looking areas, if you have any that is.
When I practiced covering my first cake in fondant I made my own mmf and found it difficult to work with, but when I used the store bought stuff for the first time it was a lot easier. I think practicing with something more difficult to work with will help hone your skills so that when you use the store bought stuff its a lot easier. If you use satin ice, make sure you knead it at least five minutes, otherwise it won't be very elastic (learned that the hard way). I also...
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