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That's exactly right. With royal icing, If it's peaking it's too thick, thin it out a little till it works right. If I remember correctly, while it's in the bowl, run a knife through the icing. It should take 10 seconds for the line to not be visible anymore, that's the right consistency.
If you decide to use paper make sure your cake is on a thin cake board so the paper won't get stuck on the cake.
Jessicakes has a tutorial online that explains how to get fondant stripes onto a cake, it might help with your chevron pattern.  I'm definitely far from being a pro, but I would hone my skills more before selling cakes.  The bright side is your super young and have talent and time on your side, you'll get there.
You need to let your cakes settle for about a day or put something heavy on them for a few hours. If the cakes haven't settled the weight if the fondant will cause the problem you're having. Another cause is your dam can be squishing out, press on the cake firmly after putting on your second cake layer in order to pre-squish. It also helps to put the cake in the fridge for about 30 minutes to help the icing firm up.
IMO it's the fondant. I made MFF fondant and mixed it with satin ice, only cause I didn't make enough fondant and it went on beautifully. I'm sure mff would've worked fine on its own, but haven't tried it yet.
I would bake and freeze without the icing. Just wrap in plastic wrap while cake is still warm. Put it in the fridge Friday night to thaw then on the counter for about an hour before you decorate on Saturday. I just tried it myself, was a little nervous about it and it worked out beautifully, no sweating. The cake was moist and delicious.
I mix 1 lb of Fondant with one teaspoon of Tylose powder and let it rest overnight wrapped well in plastic wrap and in a sealed container. I've used Wilton GumTex as well but the I find the Tylose works a lot better and I can store leftovers for a long period of time without it hardening. If you find Tylose CMC you don't have to let it rest, you can use it right away.
Thank you very much for the recipe and extra info. Before adding all the powdered sugar my mixer began to smoke and stopped working. It's working fine now, but does that mean I added too much sugar? It's winter and the air is really dry so maybe it didn't need the full amount of sugar? I finished kneading by hand and it seemed fine but when I went to use it it seemed both sticky and dry. I played with it adding powdered sugar and glycerin but I don't think I ever got...
I use lollipop sticks. I've only made small three tier cakes, but my instructor said she has stacked up to 7 tiers using them. She transports in groups of 2-3 tiers and finishes stacking on site. I wouldn't use them for a wet cake like a tres leches.
I read somewhere that using bleached instead of unbleached flour helps.
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