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I'm working on a dummy cake for a community art show and I think I bit off more than I can chew. I have a little over a month to finish it so I'm hoping with your help I can pull this off. The problem I'm having is with my extension work. I'm able to get the strings out fine, I hold them up for a bit to start drying then I lay them down on the bridge. The problem is they're not drying quick enough and they begin to bow then break. I'm wondering if my icing (egg white...
I whip my whites with a couple of T of sugar to stiff peaks.  Maybe you didn't beat your egg whites long enough?
you can try googling:  Food Pusher Stabilized Whipped Cream.  Another frosting I like to use is the one Ree Drummond uses on her red velvet sheet cake.  I think it tastes a lot like whipped cream.
I got married 20 years ago, my mom made my cake.  I wouldn't have wanted a fake cake.  But times are changing.  Things we considered important in the past don't seem to be as important to young folks.  For instance, I can't imagine not having my wedding photo album, even if I just about never pull it out.  But nowadays, it's not important to folks getting married, they prefer having all their photographs on a cd.  Go figure!
Did anybody watch Shark Tank last Friday?  The folks with the cake compartment cake were on.  Can't remember the numbers but in I think 7 years, they hadn't made much money at all.  Don't know if it's that people don't like the concept or if they don't have good business sense.  Sharks didn't like the idea and didn't really like them.  I guess if it fills a need, more power to you.    But to me, almost as much time, expense and effort goes into a fake cake as it does for...
Sorry for the double post but I realized my first post was in the wrong forum.    I make my gum paste by adding 2 tsp of Tylose to 1lb of Fondant.  Has anyone tried this with the New Wilton Fondant?  Does it work well for making flowers?  Your input is very much appreciated.
Te recomiendo que intentes el Fondant de Liz Marek. Es mas fácil preparar que el de Michele Foster, sabe rico y es súper fácil para usar.
Maybe it's the moisture in the buttercream. The only time you'll get moisture with fondant is if you refrigerate it. If it makes you feel better, pre-measure the ribbon and put it on at the last minute. Doesn't take long to do, I use double sided tape to join both ends of ribbon.
You don't have to worry about bleeding. Put the ribbon on whenever it's best for you.
Last Saturday I tried out a 14" for the first time (I have a half-size apartment size oven, so it just barely fits).  I used the bake even strips and 3 flower nails in a triangle pattern in the center of the cake.  I preheated the oven to 350 then lowered to 325 when I placed the pan inside.  It baked in 60 minutes and turned out perfect!
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