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Hello! I'm going to attempt piping "rose swirls" on a square cake. I'm having trouble visualizing this cake, I haven't seen many examples of this. I'm trying to decide if the swirls should slightly overlap the way they would on a round cake or if they should sit flat, especially on the corners, I'm thinking it will lose the square edges if they overlap. Has anyone had a good turnout doing this on a square cake? Thank you for your input!
Thank you everyone, I tried adding white it did only lighten it, so yes I did have to start all over, thankfully my husband was there to do my store run. Lesson learned. Thanks again!
Can I save my red icing that I added too much black to For depth. It looks like a muttled brick red! And I'm going for a ladybug red. I'm all out of ingredients and I'm hoping there's a color that can reverse it :/ any help, please and thank you!
Thank you Rosie93095 that snds great too!
Great idea ddaigle! Thank you
I might need to consider doing that......thank you Rosie93095!
Hi! I've read a few threads on royal icing transfers, they mostly seem to be used on fondant covered cakes. I need to lay one on top of a BC iced cake, does anyone have info on how to prevent the fat in buttercream from dissolving my RI transfer??
I've been wondering about this also......... I use meringue powder as well, but does kept good mean maintaining its function or not going rancid?? Is there a point where it will become rancid?
Great! Thank you for all the links! I'm sure these will help me alot!
Hi everyone! I 'm a rookie cookie decorator and I brought in cookies for my co-workers to try out. I now have my first huge order for an event in August. I really need to work on my flooding and piping with royal icing. Is there any advice out there for me to enhance my skills? I plan on getting in practice each week, just not sure about the best way to do that. Thank you!
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