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theresaf, this is super cute!!
Any crusting Buttercream should be good. Try Indydebi's :) Good luck!
Anyone with expertise in this area?
To achieve this look, the second tier (from bottom), would that be a dummy? I have seen other separators too like a small cake stand and a glass bowl with colored marbles etc. Just educating myself here..   Thanks!
Not sure about the pot method but the foam ball method and plastic cup method both go inside a pot.
Yes,the 2 oz cups can hold regular cupcakes. To give it depth, hot glue the 2oz inside the 3oz.
  Ganache really smooth well so your fondant goes smooth as well. Also, no bulging!
Cut even long strips of gumpaste of equal sizes, say 1x6 and you will need maybe 12-15 of them. Glue end to end and let them dry on the side. Stuff with Kleenex for the loops to stay open. Cut the edge of each loop in a V shape. Once the loops are dry, attach them together on a round gumpaste disc with gum glue(mixture of gympaste and water)Hope that make sense. Otherwise check YouTube.
Love LOVE the Dark Chocolate Ganache. I always *accidently* make extra just so we can eat by the spoonful (Guilty Pleasure )
I have the one that pushes out and its sitting collecting dust. I didn't knew there is another kind too that turns.. Now to find that one..
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