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The  closeup of original pic from Sweet Piccaso   Mines, so far..   Was thinking of trying this and cover with gumpaste stripes: Doesnt seem to .. the corners wont align  
I am frustrated and calling out for help.. I am inspired by Sweet Piccaso Cakes Strawberry Shortcake Cake. I am kind of stuck on the top green/white awning all around the strawberry. My daughters' big day is today and I am stuck on this architectural element. Please, any advise would be much appreciated. I will work on the rest of the cake to release some stress and check here often to see if you have any ideas. Thanks in advance. Here is the...
Thanks! Working on the planning part.. should be able to post a pic on 28th/29th. Wish me luck!
Hello.. a beginner here. would love to have my recent cake (Bday cake for my daughter) critiqued..   A few things I had on my to do list but never got around as I was pressed for time..   Cover the Cake drum Use the Tappits instead of writing by hand on a  plaque Use an edible ribbon Make and use gp butterflies   Would love to improve and...
Awesome... I have the Wilton doll pan and I love ganache!!! My newly found love.. but I didn't knew you could crumbcoat with bc and ganache over it. That is something I would like to experiment..I also wanted to experiment ganache and bc mixed togeher this time as mentioned in another thread instead of using fondant. Have you used fondant? I am planning on making strawberries and other decorations out of modelling chocolate. I bought the craftsy class..
This is pretty.. i like the fact that the strawberry on top is Cake and not RKT. I wasnt sure if I could carve the cake that way.. I usually use variations of WASC for my cakes. Any tips? I might just attempt to steal your idea..
This is super cute... I gave added that to my favs.
Hello friends,   I am looking for inspiration for a Strawberry Shortcake themed cake for my daughters' 6th Birthday. She is really into it these days. I would like to make it grand and her big day is on the 28th!!    Servings is not an issue as I have multiple dummies I can incorporate.. I have bought the characters already..   Which is the best one you have seen yet?  
My boy is into Minecraft!!
Do you have the General Liability Policy? There are a few and was wondering which one
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