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Awesome advise.. definitely will use your gallery as an inspiration and hopefully will get there one day..
Hello CC'ers   What I wanted to know was is it acceptable to have a non-edible image printed on a regular paper - regular laser printer and be used on a cake as accents which would not be eaten? Example here is the flags and the luggage tag that were printed out on a regular paper and then was pasted on a piece of gumpaste with edible glue and then placed on top of the cake (It was a gift and the receiver was informed). This was done due to time restriction and a...
I am thinking it would be equivalent to Food Handlers Permit. I will definitely look into it. Any tips from anyone else would be appreciated too! Oh, I absolutely love you FB page. I am having second thoughts in starting a business now.. I cannot even dare to compare with your work Thanks for your reply!
Yes Thankyou JayJay23 ... it makes sense.. Hopefully for next time..Really appreciate your explaining it..
Hello Peers.. Would love to have this cake critiqued that I made for my daughters' 6th Birthday.. The bottom tier shifted and I can see the bulging..The square house is dummy but the strawberry on top is cake.   Thanks!
Here is the cake that I came up with.  
Is anyone else able to see the pics? I am seeing it..
Bump.. Need help on this cake..
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