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Thankyou so much for those kind words and encouragement.. yes.. it was a learning lesson for me and although I felt defeated, my sons' reaction got me back in my good spirits. And then your kind words and encouragement were icing on the cake I will try my hands on the candy melts version for MC. I tried to use Ghiradelli white chips and yes it was a pain. The RKT will be my next endeavor. Thanks once again for the help through and through and then lifting my spirits...
Sorry, here is the pic
Hmm.. usually I am the one giving quotes.. this was a first with a budget given first and asking me what I could do..   Anyways, she hasn;t responded yet. I will give her until noon tomorrow and if i don't hear back, then let her know that I wont be able to do it.   Thanks everyone was giving out your opinions and advise. I sure do learn something new everytime I come here..
I guess you are right.. Anyways, this was for next Saturday, the 20th.
Ok, you can laugh and make fun on my account..
Here it is as promised. Don't laugh but constructive criticism is why I lurk around here..   Hulk;s hands kept falling off and getting into the spiderman web..the gumpaste spider broke and so had to put the paper template.. Batman logo chipped and broke.. In short.. disaster Disaster!!  Glad it was for my son who still thought it was a cool cake.. lol     Again, please dont compare it with the original.. No justice there.. It should end up in Cake Wrecks.....
Oh wow!! That's an awesome idea! I cant wait to do this project. That's another story the mom has not gotten back to me yet. It surprises me that she herself said she wants within a certain budget and then when I give her two options with two prices within her budget, she tells me she will need to make sure and get back to me. More than 24 hours and no response Now this is for someone I know and don't want to circle back looking desperate. Oh well..
Neat idea...I won't have to carve this time as I am starting off with a spherebut will keep in mind.I am still waiting for a confirmation from the mom as I gave her two options and she said will need to ask her hubby. Let's see.. I am excited, hope she confirms soon.
Lol.. don't worry, I was confused to begin with. Since she doesn't have to feed this cake, she is not bothered with the size, big or small. So that's why I was confused.. Anyways, I have decided to do a 5-6 inch foam sphere and then a basket proportionate to the balloon.
It's not letting me attach he pic.. I will try doing that later from my desktop PC. Again, it is no way close in comparison to the original inspiration. I feel ashamed to even say that I attempted to replicate the original..
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