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In some states and counties, accepting any reimbursement for your cake does make it a commercial transaction and therefore subject to public health department rules and regulations. I don't think most users begrudge the hobbyist who makes the odd cake for a friend or family member for a small profit. It's when someone says they're just doing it as a hobby but they're making cakes for anyone who knows their name or knows someone that knows their name, drawing up contracts...
If you don't want to charge appropriately for your cakes, only do them for people who you want to gift cake to. Because that's what you're doing, giving people a cheap/almost free cake out of your own pocket. If it's a confidence issue, don't sell your cakes until you are sure they're worth what other bakers in your area charge.
Unless you are getting free utilities, insurance and don't have to pay taxes there are few expenses that a storefront bakery has that a home baker doesn't have.
Actually I get asked all the time whether I made the cake from scratch or a mix and it gives me a lot of pride to be able to say yes I made it from scratch.
You're obviously not charging enough! Seriously they have to realize that traveling that distance with cakes on a bus is a really bad idea. And if they're so far away what can they do - they can't come and force you to bake.
You could also try this recipe, I've never used it but it sounds right I would take the warm glaze to the venue in a vacuum flask to keep it warm.
I've made a giant chocolate frosted donut, I used this for the glaze It's kind of hard to find now but if you can find it it's perfect. I wouldn't use plain old melted chocolate if they're supposed to be like regular donuts.
I'm going to assume things are done differently in the Philippines, I can't imagine taking 5 dozen cupcakes AND 5 9 inch cakes on a bus to start with, never mind for 4 hours. Surely your client can't be on board with that.
Chocolate donut glaze surely. Is this 7 dozen your first time making chocolate glazed donuts?
I've never had a problem using more than one at Joann, my old Michaels would only take one of each kind per day. I only use a coupon when it's something over $5, so I've certainly paid for more than a few items at their over inflated prices. And yes, I do feel their prices are over inflated because there are few stores that charge as much as Michaels/Joann do for a lot of things. Their prices are set with the coupons in mind.
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