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There's no lesson in telling someone a number, they need to learn the method of doing it for themselves.
Exactly what I would do.
If it was Buddy I think everyone already knows they use Dawn mixes. If it was Charm City I would probably be a little surprised but I think they count as one of the places where the looks trump the taste. If it's Georgetown then I am shocked since they have a book of recipes out, and I use a lot of them!
Ever heard of a cakesafe?
Ik mis Nederland.
Just tell her that sure she could bake a cake for less if she was only paying for the ingredients and working for free, but a cake like yours takes time and skill, neither of which are free.
Ooh la la!
Omg what is wrong with people!
I guess 'afford' and 'want to spend' kind of fall into the same category in this instance. I used to live in a very wealthy area but every party would have a Costco cake, even the ones where the kids lived in mansions. They got that money somehow right!
Some people (actually quite a lot) just don't get that you can't always get what you want, especially when what you want is a custom cake at a Walmart price. Sadly some fool will tell her they can do it for her price, but that baker will be losing money on the cake and the client will be getting something quite different from what they're asking for.
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