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I notice that nobody seems to be posting to ask where the June magazine is (yes I know they are bi-monthly and the last one came out in May but it was the April edition, just a month late). Let's not even mention the August edition, and haha, the October edition that is due shortly.   If CC has become a charity I'd appreciate seeing a copy of the relevant paperwork so I can write off the 13 issues I have left on my subscription on my taxes. I can't think of any other...
There are already a ton of stickies etc, the people that come on to ask a question they could answer themselves in 5 minutes of work aren't going to bother with all that. There was already a rule put in place about asking pricing questions and it went out of the window within days. Unless the moderators are going to police every thread to make sure the questions stay in the right area (which we've already learned isn't possible) it won't be long before questions start...
I'm not the only person that thinks some cake central members are lazy and ungrateful, but when I say that it's considered mean and rude. Funny how name calling seems to only go one way on this site.
I'd rather see a section that is invite only, and for people who don't need to ask beginner questions. Sometimes we have questions that could be best answered by a pro, and they get lost in all the beginner threads. I personally have stepped away from this site considerably in the recent weeks because it's just got no value for me anymore, all I see is thread after thread with misinformation, and questions that could be answered by a google search, never mind 'sifting...
The extracts you bought were probably imitation, which is why they tasted gross.
The cat thing cracks me up. Having met quite a few of the CFL bakers in the Houston area it wouldn't surprise me in the least. 
Sure you'll be passed up by the cheap clients that aren't going to pay you enough to make it worth your while, leaving you free to take the one or two orders a week that will make you as much or more than six cheap orders would have.There's no money in taking a loss.
And the baker that made their cake probably paid themselves $1 an hour to make it. You paid more because that baker probably went broke and wised up to the fact that they were giving away cake. It's not what's underneath the buttercream that costs the most.
If I were you I'd find out what their budget is before sitting down to work out what all that is going to cost. You're looking at well over 100 flowers there, plus $6-10 per serving of work on the actual cakes, and delivery and set up fee. The fact that they're asking so close to the date and wanting fake tiers suggests they're not expecting the kind of price tag this cake has.
I buy their 7lb bags in the store (same brand) and I've been happy with it.
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