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Excellent work for your first attempt! You should be proud of yourself...   Keep up the good work   Nixs :o)  
For me this smells like trouble with a capital "T"... why does he feel the need or that he has the right to modify your existing contract? Because he's a lawyer?   The answer to that question would be a big eye opener. Hmmmm   With that give him the benefit of the doubt you can ask him (if you really want to) why he feels that your existing contract is not apparently suitable?   It could be a simple case of him quoting certain aspects from your...
No worries, how about it you contact the suppliers of the style you like, and ask if them if they are able to supply purple or to re-direct you to another company/supplier that can.   No harm in asking right? :o)  
Hi ya, is the below link of any help??   Nixs :o)  
Many Thanks Jiya11 for your post will try this out over the weekend....eveyone here has been soooo informative!   :o)
Coool....Thanking You Also
Many thanks to YOU both! I have some praticising to do   my next dilema is how to get my Royal Icing either Gold or Silver if I can avoid painting with dust & alcohol onto the dried piped icing.   Hmmmm?
Hi Everyone!   I feel that I am in safe hands and await your advice and tips with my dilemma.   Here's my question and it might be a silly one at that!   How do I create a pattern to then transfer/imprint/replicate onto the tops of my cakes as in border/sides of my cakes if that makes sense?   I would like the pattern to be finished off with Royal Icing...   Thank you all in advance   Nixs:o)
Hi,   Irrespective of your working commitments no one should force you to work in a certain way/manner/fashion unless you allow them - as the buck stops with you.   Personally, I don't believe their can be friendships working independently of a business.   Instead, you just acquire more business like minded people who become your like minded friends of which the common denominator is called Business. I hope that makes sense?   We only have one chance as...
Well I hope your customer is not bad mouthing you or your company because that would be really unfair considering that you handed over a perfect cake order that they were satisfied with.   I would probably feel the same way i.e. bad - but when something is out of your control it really try not to beat yourself up about it.   Have you decided about the good will gesture as yet?
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