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Thanks for the ideas. I loaded her up on spatulas (straight and offset) and cake lifter and some good carving knives (looking for tips).  She has the airbrush already (last xmas).  Thanks for the tips on the cricit.  I will stick with the printer.  When you say the new Canon, I am guessing you mean the the 5320? If not, which one?     Also I probably should have checked before but I got her the back issues to this site and a subscription, someone tell me I didn't...
Thanks.  Guess I'll be picking up some straight and offset spatulas and cake lifter and extra tips... Any thoughts on the printer and crikit machine?  I have no clue. 
Also, cricit cake maching or edible printer (Canon MG5320).   thanks
Just finishing up some xmas shopping for my better half.  How many spatulas/offset spatulas would you guys like to have?  She only has 1 offset.     Also, those wider spatulas for cake lifting, are they good to have as well?   Besides colors, any other suggestions you would add to stocking?  Thanks for the earlier tips as well..
Good idea...Food coloring for stocking...
Good to know, that will find it's way under the tree...   Cake cruise????they have such a thing?
Thanks for the idea of the Leveler as well.  She got a nice camera last year for Xmas...Not a bad idea for the advanced course if we could swing it with kids and the "real" job....So, looking at the leveler and the agbay.     So I will definitely go with the Agbay.  I will research tonite the leveller as well.  I will drop the hits on a "trip" and see what she says.   I was looking at those soft floor mats as well, would you enjoy working on those instead of...
Thanks for the ideas....keep them coming...   She is good for the level.  She did the Wilton Courses, but no professional classes where we live.   I'll look into the Agbay as I don't even know what it is.   Thanks again.  
Looking for gift ideas for my wife. Any price range.  She has lots of equipment already(spray gun, mixers, pans).   Thanks 
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