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Thank you for the information, just what I needed. :-) 
I'm thinking about experimenting with gold leaf. It's going to be used on a dummy cake. Can I apply non-edible gold leaf for this, will it still need to be applied the same way as the edible gold leaf, and does it still look the same? Thank you :-)
Thanks for your replies, will try again tomorrow :-)
That's what I thought, although I tried it with dark brown painted over with white, gave me quite a glossy finish so may try a paper towel dabbed over it see if that works :-)  
It's a Sharon Wee cake, any ideas how to get the wooden flooring 'shabby chic' look with fondant?
I'm watching one on ebay, however it's been used in a beauty salon, may seem a stupid question but would this be ok to buy for cake decoration or would this be deemed as unsafe? I have never used one and I'm not sure whether it could be cleaned from contamination?
Regarding the buttercream stencilling onto cake, would it be ok to travel 3 hours in a car or is that a bit risky?
Ahh right sorry, I understand. I did a search for the stencils and there's none that match these, so I think it would have to have been done that way.
Thanks for the replies, so you don't think the birds/bird cages are edible?
I've been asked if I am able to create a cake similar to this. I'm just wondering if it has actually been achieved by stencils, or has it been done with something similar to gumpaste? Sugarveil maybe? If it is stencils, do you think it's buttercream or royal icing that's been used?  I have never done stencils before, and I'm a bit worried about using this technique as it will be travelling for three hours to the venue!! Thank you for any advice :-)        
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