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Good question, and good advice. I'm sure I'll be needing this in teh future. Thanks to the both of you :)
I would either leave a little more space around the sides, so you're able to wring something in the front of the cake. A scroll is a great idea, too. Make a scroll, put it in the front of the cake, write on it. :) Good luck!
I just read a tutorial the other day, on here, about making cake edges sharp and precise; I wish I could remember what the title was called...but maybe you could find it by doing a search...:/ sorry, I couldn't be more helpful (If I could explain, I would, but it'd be a mess!).
It's a little blurry to me, so I can't really tell either way. But, I will tell ya', if it is real, that's AMAZING!
I'm no expert, but it may have very well slid and there's no way of proving it, unfortunately. Although, are you even responsible for this because, afterall, she was in posession of the cake when this happened (rhetorical question). I think it's a good idea to just refund her 50%, definitely not all of it because it could have very well been her fault and she's just "covering" her own donkey ;) I'm sorry this happened though! Good luck.
@kisamarie, I do agree with you, although I've never thought of it in that light. Buddy does have a tremendous amount of people working for him, and while I do respect his work, I never see him working himself, unless it's ordering people around. He may be the "boss", but I'd like to see more of him and his work. I do agree with the mass production, it may just be too much, therefore affecting the taste, texture, etc.
Just curious, what is SPS? Thanks.
That's a bit different - at first I thought the cherry pie was ham...not too sure why, but it still doesn't look too pleasant...makes me a little curious though...
Very happy I found this site - very helpful :)
Thank you, Very helpful :)
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