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Oh, and btw, where can I buy these, and do all the pieces come together in one package or do you have to buy e/ piece seperately? TIA
Thanks, ladies :)
kakeladi, thank you for that advice as well - very helpful if/when I use CBC :)
Although I'm no expert, it sounds to me like it's underdone - I think maybe your oven is the malfunction...I would go with what some of the other ladies said, and buy an oven thermometer. :) GL!
jaja, I'm going to try it out sometime, and if I remember, I'll let ya' know how it turns out. Thanks for the info :)
I've never heard of wallpaper textures, besides when designing your own home lol...but, maybe they're talking about sugar sheet? I know they come inĀ  bunch of different designs...hope this helps
I don't have any problems with this site, although I'm new, so I never knew the old way anyway. But, I don't think it's hard o navigate around, in fact it's pretty easy IMO
Thank you, ladies, very helpful. So, the difference is... not much, really..... The IMBC, is there a standard recipe that you use, or is it your very own? Please let me know, for I would love to try it sometime :)
I was wondering what the difference is between the two, and what is one used for that the other is not or cannot be used for? TIA :)
If you keep this going, it's just going to get worse on you. I think you need to break it off now, or find a compromise, if that's even possible. This woman clearly doesn't seem to care about your schedule or the hard work you put into this. You need to set it straight with her, and if she wants to still go on with this afterward, then that's great, if not, that's her loss.
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