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I agree with these ladies. Definitely have to have a steady hand for all that :)
This is no way an insult, but you live in Orlando and you calculated that 3 tier to only $44? You're nice! haha...I would charge at least $70, even more.
Kazita, I don't think onion grass is necessarily edible or gives off an "onion" taste to your cake. Like Mo63 said, just decoration...
Bottom line, if he wants you to make a cake for him (them), there's no need to have all these complications - just let you make the cake, let you do your job. I'm not too sure what all the fuss is about..he's not any different than any of your other clients...he needs to go by your rules...I think you've answered your own question, I wouldn't do it because he's going to find something wrong reguardless, afterall, it would put him in the "spotlight"
My local Aldi doesn't have them, but I'll keep an eye out - Aldi's is moving up the ladder! :)
I didn't even have to read the entire're NOT overreacting. This guy is a lawyer, which is great, but you're a business and you have a contract that is not to be changed, nor has it ever been, so what gives him the right to start the "trend", so to speak - because he's a lawyer? Nope. If I were you I would weasle my way out of that mess because that's exactly what it's going to become. GL
I'm not expert with this, but I found this, it may be helfpul: GL!
That's REALLY good for it being your first time! I haven't even made my first cake yet, but wow, there's a lot of detail there - great job!
Maybe a snow globe (made from the pulled/blown sugar)....just an idea :)
Kory, thanks for the link, it was helpful for me, too. How cool would it be to say, "Yeah, i made my own sprinkles - from scratch." lol :)
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