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Steaming gives it a "shiny" finish...I heard you could use an iron on the "steam" setting...
Do a zoo cake - you see both animals at the zoo :)
I had NO IDEA this was illegal - good thing I read this ;)
Good choice, Liz, too risky I would assume
Thank you for responding. That's a good idea to let the RKT set in the pan like that - I'm going to try this technique sometime :)
I'm not sure if this would work because I've never tried it, but maybe set the cutter is PS first before putting it on the fondant, that may help it to not stick.
I'm sorry this happened to you. I love CC because everyone is just - so sweet an resassuring. :)
This is too cute! What tip did you use to pipe the hay, and when you say you covered the RKT in ganache, did you crumb coat first and then pour the ganache on? TIA 
That is absolutely gorgeous! How did you attach them to the piping gel? Wonderful job
Sorry, so off topic, BUT, the "next great baker" is on again??!! How many episodes have I missed? :(
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