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Hello! I know its been a while, Im a new baker and in charge of my sisters wedding cake, she asked for a red velvet layer and I cant wait to try both recipes macsmom and terrig, my only question is... is it unsweetened, semi sweet or sweet cocoa powder? I would truly appreciate any response! Thank you in advance!
Hi!  I have been hearing about this cricut cake ? I have investigated and now I am seriously thinking about getting one of my own. Does anyone own one? Would you recommend it? How your experience has been with it? is it really good or a scam? Please anything would help! Thanks in advance, Im a new baker in Panama trying to start my own bussines, your help would be greatly appreciated!
when you say icebox what exactly do you mean by that? it was a pretty basic flavour but not sugar, not butter as the main ingredient, is kind of brownish color, i would say it was a sugar cookie but very elaborated not sure if im making myself clear    
Does anyone has a GREAT recipe for cut out cookies that is not sugar cookies? I tested an incredibly delicious cookie a while ago from a local baker and it holds it shape amazingly! I have been looking for one but had no success so far... Thank you in advance !
Ohh i see! Thank you so much Dayti!!
So, my recipe says to let the dough chill overnight, i always do, this time i have no time to do so I was wondering what could go WRONG if i dont? will it affect my cookie at all? is it completely necessary? Thank you in advance!
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