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That is a beautiful cake! I bet it tastes great too!
Jason, I always love hearing what you have to say!! I'm interested in becoming a more well rounded cake artist. I want to learn things I can't figure out on my own and learn things that I didn't know you could do in cake decorating. How long have you been in the cake business?
Personally, I love Duffs fondant. I've never had a complaint and it tastes wonderful!!
I've seen that exact cake on Facebook and its done with fondant.
Has anyone here attended any type of pastry or baking program? I'm in love with cakes and basically all cooking so I'm looking into going. However, I'm not exactly sure what the advantages are besides learning new techniques and such. Also, I live in northeast Alabama so the closest that I have found are either in Birmigham (2 hour drive 1 way) or Nashville (3 hour drive 1 way). What do y'all recommend?
Thank you!! I have a 2 tier cake that the customer wants to pick up herself so this is wonderful!!
I think it depends on your oven. Anything that gets baked in the center towards the back on my top rack always turns brown before everything else. Do a test run to find out! Xoxo
I was afraid to look at the monstrosity of a cake you made, but this mob is a loon!! There's no bulging that I see. The only things that I see are there are no rhinestones on the quilting (it would've looked crazy and tacky with them) and the letter on the right (an "m" I believe) looks strange. It's probably because I despise gold.
My first thought when I read this is why does goodwill have sugar sheets and why would you buy them? Check the expiration date to make sure they're not expired. Personally, I think sugar sheets are a pain in the rear. They don't come off very well for me and I can't ever get them to look the way I want on a cake.
I use wilton no taste red and it truly has no nasty food coloring off taste.
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