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Also, what kind of flowers do you think those are and how do you make vines like that?
How many of you put ribbon on your cakes? Like as a border around the bottom where the fondant meets the board? How do you get t to fit snugly and stay? What happens when Ta serving time? Thank you!!
Thank you! I thought this cake was just beautiful and since I have found Ron Ben-Israel, I'm in love!! He is brilliant!!
If I were told I was eating a week and 2 day old cake, I would probably throw up. I wouldn't sell it, serve it, or eat it. I say remake it.
I have found this on Ron Ben-Israel's page and I'm making my mom a birthday cake this weekend I want to make a "R" instead of the "S" similar to how this is. Any ideas on how??
I would think maybe brush a tad bit of water here and there on your white fondant to make sure the colored fondant didn't try to run away. I have never done this, but it sounds neat.
I'm sorry, but have I missed something? I thought this was about cherplumpiwhatever?
I knew there was a reason I asked this here! Y'all have such great suggestions. I'm definitely going to look into Sweetwise. Thanks!
That final banquet table is beautiful! She definately deserves a big pat on the back for that!! I don't think any type of classes are offered around here like Wilton's. I thought about going to a bakery that I wouldn't be any competition to and learning there. I have an offer on the table from a bakery about an hour away. What are your thoughts on it? I have actually just graduated from college with an associates degree in business management if that helps any. I would...
It looks weird and oozy, but at the same time, I wouldn't mind trying it. Hopefully it tastes better than it looks... *shudder*
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