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Try putting it in the blender or food processor to make it more powdery than crystally.
I'm curious as to how everyone affords to open their own shop. Did you take out a loan, get investors, already have the funds set aside?
Very nice job k8memphis!!
My recipe for BC is 1.5 cups crisco, 1 stick butter, 2 lbs powdered sugar (10x), about a tbs vanilla, a pinch of powdered salt, and .5 c water (give or take a little depending on the consistency I'm looking for). It's sweet, but not overly sweet and holds up nicely.
I would charge you minimum $50 even if its a 8".
I've been at it for a lil bit myself and if you go to, there is a free buttercream tutorial! I hope this helps you!
Several of the links in the OP don't work anymore. Especially the ones for cake central and several of the youtube vidoes have been removed by the user. It's wonderful!
No!!! Cut the shapes out first before you put it on top of the white! It'll be much easier and it's a pain in the rear to cut fondant while on a cake. Much less having to worry about gouging the layer underneath.
I'm guessing she will roll out and apply the white fondant to the cake then roll out, cut, and layer the colored and cut fondant over the white that's already on the cake.
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