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Even someone paying for only ingredients means it isn't free. Just making sure you knew!
I may have missed it, but do you have a business license? In Alabama, you have to have a business license, FEIN, as well as other city and county licensing. If you don't, you are operating illegally and can (and probably eventually will!) go to jail for tax fraud since you are not paying state and city tax. Also, if you don't have the proper licensing, by handing out business cards and advertising anywhere (even Facebook) is illegal. You might could get away with Facebook...
Crap. The whole point of putting in about the Hispanic bakeries is that I can't very well compare myself to them since our products will be on opposite ends of the spectrum.
How exactly do you go about writing a business plan? I have read and read and googled and read, but so far, I'm drawing a big blank. I have no clue how to be able to project eventual income or profit margin since I am currently a home baker (free home baker since I live in Alabama) and there are no income statements or any other financial documents for that matter available. There are only 2 other bakeries in my area that actually have a store front and they are both...
Lol my last name is pea**** so I have to put pea c o c k. Ugh!!
Ahhhh!!!! I can't get moist out of my dagum head!! Every time I look at anything now, I wonder if its moist or not.
Good luck!! I hope you get a refund!! I'd be quite upset too!
The last part of that link is pea c o c k****
Stay far far away from angel anything!!!! My second son was born August 3, 2010 and he passed away July 7, 2011. As a mother who had to watch her baby literally die in front of her, the thought of putting angels on a cake for Bentley makes me sick feeling. To me, that's sort of like him leaving all over again and I'd rather stay away from that. What was Peyton's room decorated in? What was in her crib? I would go more that direction. For Bentley, his cake was a light blue...
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