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I kinda agree with k8. However, I also think that since little kids eventually grow up, and if they love your work, when they get bigger, they might still want to use you.
Please oh please don't lick the spoon then stir again with it! Edited to add: for the safer side, raw eggs in the batter can make you sick.
Why is there a post from 6 years ago still being brought back?
I love the second one!!! It looks friendly yet professional. Good job!!
TThat just made my teeth scream.
Lol I don't think mummy tatas is what she was going for. Maybe vampire boobies in a bikini. I didn't even see that one.
Uhm I didn't know if you knew or not. Also, I believe it is still infringement if you give them away. Whether you make nothing at all or a million dollars, it's the same. Just like if you use Wilton character pans, they are for home use only. Not to make a cake and sell it or give it away.
Yes I do. That is my sons cake that wasn't sold.
Also, I'm not very good at honest opinions. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
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