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The only thing that is coming to me is maybe fondant or gum paste toppers since the "sugars" are an inch high. I'm not sure though.
I'm sure it's not either. Like tonight I made a cream cheese flan and he got a tiny (I mean tiny) taste just to shut me up. It just frazzles me sometimes.
Does it hurt your feelings if your husband, wife, significant other, etc wont try your new recipes you make? My husband won't try anything! How do I convince him to try my creations to see if they're any count? Of course, I make things I think I'll like, but more people than just me need to try them!!
I agree with the gelatin balloon. It would be lighter and the foam ball wouldn't be a bad idea either. Makin a solid balloon out of fondant or gum paste would be much too heavy.
Try turning the heat down in your oven or once they're cooled, level them with a knife.
I have always mixed my crusting buttercream by hand mainly because I don't have a stand mixer yet. Has anyone tried making it in a food processor? What were your results?
I think adding a solid base of buttercream to the back of the blossom should work.
Everyone please pm me your recipes! I make a mean chocolate cheesecake, but would love other recipes!
I'm wondering the same thing! I live in a tiny town so having a lot of shows, etc. is kind of not an option unless you want up travel.
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