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I'm in Alabama and currently, it's 64 degrees Fahrenheit with 72% humidity. I hate being hot so if I could give you some of our cold air and wind, I would!!
*shiver* does it take any different?
Maybe about $75-$100
Homely!! Bwhahahahahhahaha!!! You made my night!!
Can anyone give me a quick summary I copyright laws and why not to make cakes with copyrighted Disney characters? I have a friend that asked and I can't think of how to explain it to her.
How would you attach the fishing line to the dowels without it sliding down from the weight of the flags?
Is it a skateboard? I would never pay $150 for that. Never ever.
The thought of warm milk alone makes me queasy. The smell of milk, whether straight of the shelf or after sitting out, makes my stomach turn. She is a lot braver than I am!
If your hands are hurting from working for too long, take a break to rest your hands (and feet!). They are your most valuable tools.
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