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Thanks! That's the set I have... didn't come with any instructions, though. Feh.   Stephanie  
Hey everyone, I got some flowers cutters for Christmas, but I can't identify the one below. Can anyone tell me what it is?         Thanks :)   Stephanie  
It's time that I really got down to business and improved my freehand piping! I'd love to be able to pipe without a guide or template. Does anyone know of any tried and true piping exercises out there? Sort of like Chopstick, but for icing? ;)   Stephanie
My biggest hurdle to decorating is making icing. That's the part that drives me nuts, and to save time and get to to the part I love faster (decorating!) I'd like to make a large amount of white royal icing - both regular consistency for cakes and thinned for flooding cookies - and I'm wondering what's the best way to go about saving royal? Can I freeze this stuff? If I can, what's the best way to bring it back to working consistency? How long will it last in the...
Er, I just went to the link that someone else posted in another thread and it didn't work because the link was too long and it broke at the edge of the screen. Try this one since it's shorter:  
I just bought a bunch of classes because their sale is ending! Haha, I shouldn't be shopping for me, but............. mama needs a new set of skills. ;)  
I bought the modern piping and the cityscapes (aka beginning chocolate modeling). I'm an hour into watching each and they're pretty awesome so far!
Craftsy classes are half off for the next few days! I think I'm going to sign up for the cheese class and the jeweled wedding cake class.
Thank you for the link, Gerle!
Maybe this is the same recipe, at another site:
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